Medford Knife & Tool


Greg Medford is a native Arizonan and an ardent American patriot. He is dedicated to hand-crafting and small-scale manufacturing as a part of the new Small Factory Industrial Rebirth of America. Greg’s early development was deeply shaped by his Mom being 2nd generation Greek immigrant and Dad being from an old Irish/ American family that hails from Massachusetts, West Texas and Arizona. The values of pragmatism, hard work, honesty, love of one’s country, and treating people right were instilled early. His Greek grandfather Christy Nekitopoulous would nearly get teary eyed talking about his love for this country and the trucking company he established is still family-owned and operated nearly 100 years later.


At MKT we are dedicated to making hand-crafted tools for the most demanding environments man and nature has ever conjured. Whether you are serving in a theater of war, hundreds of feet below water, geared up for law enforcement, shoulder deep in an elk or Cape buffalo, or preparing for the big “What If, ” MKT has a knife or tool design that will not only help you get your mission accomplished, but may save your life. We are not one of the many great knife makers out there specializing in jewelry perfection on knives that will sit in cases for life. We really have never wanted to be a part of that crowd. We put our heart and soul into every creation and we want these living objects to work and move out in the real world. We want them to get scratched, gouged, pranged and worked and ultimately cherished by their owners. Our knives are like an old reliable friend that you always want on your side. After a career in the field, our knives will find that special place in an old keepsake box or chest. They will be passed on to sons and held with deep remembrance of the men who held them, at their craft.


Praetorian Guards were elite men chosen from the Legions of Rome to serve as personal protectors of the Emperor. The MKT Praetorian Ti is just such a knife. This awesome design is topped only by the strength of the materials from which it’s made. .260″ blade thickness, .187″ thick solid Titanium frames and .250″ pivots and hardware make this a knife like no other. Beautiful form and function, unsurpassed reliability and 2000 years from now archeologists will be amazed by the hand tools we once crafted.

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